Cheapest Electricity Prices in State of Texas

I am trying to help my grandfather take care of his finances, because he is not very good with money, and he is starting to suffer from the effects of dementia. It is sad to say, but it is the truth. I found a link to click to site for finding information on electricity prices in Texas. I need to find the best electricity prices in the area where he lives, and I have the feeling that the electricity prices vary, based on where you are in the state. After all, it is a rather large state, and there probably are not electricity plants in every corner of the state. So that stands to reason that in some areas, the electricity has to travel quite a long distance from where it is initially produced to get to your house. In such a situation,, I would expect that the electricity would be a bit more expensive, than it would be in areas that are closer to where the electricity is produced.

I just think that makes a lot of sense to me, but I do not know how the theory actually matches up with reality, and in actuality, it is a bit irrelevant to my current situation. I do not need to know electricity prices for all of the state, but only for the city where my grandfather lives. Part of the process of taking on the responsibility of dealing with his finances, involves reviewing the bills he is currently paying, and trying to see if there is any way that I can save him money. The more money I am able to save him, the better off he will be. I definitely want to try to make some changes to his current bills, to see how much total money I am able to save.

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