I Needed to Store Things for a Year

When I started looking at different companies that offer serviced storage space, I thought that it was going to be hard to pick the one that I would use. That turned out to not be the case though. When I got to Store Friendly’s website, I was more impressed than I had been with any of the others that I looked at that day. They really took care to make sure that every question could be answered right there on the site, and I appreciated that since I did have a lot of questions.

I had never put my possessions in storage before, so I was naturally a bit worried about it. I had been offered a position at a university in Spain for two semesters, so I knew I had to do something with all of my things. My brother and his family offered to take some of it, but I wasn’t willing to part with any of it since I would be returning in a year’s time and setting up another condo for myself. That is when I decided to look at storage units, and it turned out to be the right decision.

Store Friendly has different sizes of units, and I was able to determine the size that I needed right there on their website. I was also able to get a quote that came in a bit lower than I expected, plus take a look at their pictures showing the storage units. I was also able to read about the benefits of using their services, and I had to agree that there was simply no other choice. I was able to get all of my stuff transferred there a few days before I left for Spain, and I don’t worry a bit about it now because I know everything is safe at Store Friendly.

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