Management to Secure the Team

I knew that there were a lot of problems with the company that I was going to be looking to take over. I knew that it was a great idea to be offered this position. I have been in business for a long time and my job is to go in to a company that is failing because of bad management. I get to teach some management training in melbourne to managers from a certain company where they are not performing well. I do not like to go in and tell them that they are all awful, because that is not fair and that is not true. The fact is, it is really terrible to see that there are so many different people that do not know how to effectively manage their people as the company did not show them the right way to manage their employees. If there was one person that was not effectively managing the people under them then it could be assumed that was an isolated person that was not doing their job well.

This company did not have that situation. They found that many of their stores were not performing well and customers were calling to say that they were not treated well by management when they were dealing with them in the stores. I was so glad that the people who were talking to me about the problems within the stores were also telling me that they were not treated well as employees. The employees in the stores were not happy with the way that their managers were treating them and I have to say that I do not blame them. They are really in a bad way, and I am going to be the person that is going to be going in to change things.

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