Planing the Renovation Job Now

I have started to work pretty hard on a plan to see if we can get this place going at a reasonable price. If it does not make sense we are just going to level the place and start over. It is probably not going to make sense to do it if the price we get on everything does not work out. We talked to this guy, about the air conditioning which is one of the major problems and the big expense that we are most worried about. The big question is whether or not you can salvage parts of the existing system to save some money, but I have to wait for the numbers to come in before I make up my mind. It is a big problem if you get numbers that deceive you though. You can get a quote and think it is written in stone, but all along the guy who made the quote did not know what he was doing or he planned on taking a short cut and he gets caught by the inspectors.

A lot of things can go wrong if you take a quote to be the real cost. You have to look at it as though it is what the guy thinks it is going to cost him. The smart guys quote a job just right, so that they can make plenty of money and still do it for less than the next guy would be able to do it. That is not a simple thing to do of course and you can easily have a mistake if you are not very careful. It just takes a decimal point in the wrong place or something that simple and you could be hundreds or thousands of dollars way from where you thought.

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