Stumbled on to a Good Idea

It was just happen stance that I fell into this idea, although I am not sure how much risk is involved and how much trouble it would be to execute it. Of course the seed of an organization is very important, you come up with the better idea and that gives you a leg up, but you still have to put in the work. I am looking at the web for information like this site ( ) promises to teach you now. It is a sure way to set up your own e commerce web page according to the guy who is selling it. That would obviously be nice and I am trying to boil that part of it down into some easy process. Like a recipe for making split pea soup I would like to know what I start out doing, what I do after that and how long it will be before I am eating the soup. Of course the truth is I expect it to be a whole lot messier and more difficult to do than that.

In truth I am sure that you probably learn this sort of thing the hard way better than you would learn it from a book or a course on the web. People can make all the claims that they want, but the way you learn stuff best is by doing it. Unfortunately in this case you would lose a lot of money if you learned all of it the hard way. More to the point you need to establish a reputation, very simply you need to serve the customer base as well or better than the other guy would. If you disappoint them, then the word of mouth will get out on you on the net and it will be impossible to succeed.

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