Television Packages Offered by Direct TV

I would like to find a new television provider. I have had too many disputes with my old television provider over the years, to want to continue to purchase services from them. I feel like they have engaged in some dishonest practices over the years, and charged me more than I thought that they would, with hidden fees and the like. It seems like an underhanded way to do business, which is why I am looking into direct tv as a replacement for my old television provider.

I am almost certain that I am going to switch providers. I have actually already canceled my subscription with my old provider, and will be returning their equipment in the near future. Now, I just need to figure out the best replacement, and at the moment, I am leaning towards Direct TV as a replacement, for a number of reasons. I like the fact the installation of the satellite dish does not cost any money. If it did cost a significant amount of money, then I probably would look for something else, to satisfy my entertainment needs.

I wonder if you have to return the satellite dish, that they put on your house, if you decide to cancel your service. That would be worth looking into, but of course, I do not have plans to cancel the service at any point in the foreseeable future. I am looking for a long term replacement for my current television provider, as I do not like the process of switching providers. It causes too much disruption in my household. My family members really do not like to go without television for any length of time. They have already complained a good amount about this upcoming switch, but I have told them that our television service will be better afterwards.

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