We Just Got to Fort Worth

We just got to Fort Worth TX the other morning and now we are looking around for a place that is close to the college. They have put us up temporarily at an extended stay motel and the two of us are fine here for now, but we have been going around with a real estate agent this morning to look at places near the campus. She was telling us that you get to pick your electric energy provider down here, there is a more information available here at this web page. In essence there are around a hundred energy providers in the state of Texas, but you are not going to get the choice of that many in your location. If you go to the web page they tell you to input your address, so then they tell you what you can choose between. It is not going to be more than four in all likelihood, so you just have to find the difference between them.

It is not so easy that I can really tell what the difference is between one power company and another, or in fact between four different ones. It is obvious that you want to know what they charge, and that is how you can find them separated if you look. However there is not any real difference so far as I can tell. The thing that seems a lot more important to me is the difference between the response times in a disaster. If there is a big storm and you lose your lights, then you are obviously going to want them to come back on. That is going to be a lot more important. We had hurricanes in North Carolina and after you go a week with no power, you really begin to appreciate it.

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