We Wanted to Get Cheaper Insurance

My husband and I go over our monthly budget at least twice a year. We have discovered that when we look at it with fresh eyes, we are often able to trim something from it. Whether it is downsizing our cable package to just the channels we watch or lowering our data plan on our cell phone bill, there is usually something that can be changed to save us money. This last time, we decided to see if we could get a better rate on our home insurance. We decided to go online and get some home insurance quotes from a website that my brother had used to do exactly the same thing.

When he told us how much he was saving on his annual rates, we were pretty surprised. We also knew that this was something that we wanted to check into for ourselves. He gave me the site address, and I was impressed as soon as I saw it. There was so much information there about home insurance, and we actually learned a good bit about it. Even though we have had our own coverage for several years, we realized we knew next to nothing about the majority of it.

Being armed with this new knowledge is what made us feel comfortable about getting quotes for a new policy. My main fear before reading all of the information was that we would get a cheaper policy, but that it would also not have as much protection as the one we had. I saw where I did not have to worry about that though since we were now armed with so much more information than we even knew existed. We were happy with the quotes that we got, and we were able to get a cheaper policy that had the exact same coverage. Our budget was changed for the better for the sixth time in a row of us looking at it!

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