Why I Needed to See a Dermatologist

When I had a mole on my skin that started to get darker, my husband asked me to find a dermatologist in Manchester to look at it. I thought that he was worried for nothing, but I did not want him to be that concerned so I went online to find a doctor that could help me. I was able to find a dermatologist in the area, and I am so thankful that I did. I was able to read about melanomas on his website, and I started to get concerned as well.

He had a chart on his site under this section, and there were pictures of different types of moles. There was also an explanation of which ones were okay, and which ones should definitely be looked at. There are several things that need to be considered, so I looked at the symmetry, the border, the color of it, how big it was, and also how long it took for it to change into what it had become. Every indication just from that chart was that I needed to have it looked at, mainly because of the size and the color of it, as well as how quickly it had changed.

I was able to get an appointment, and my husband went with me. I had gone from being unconcerned to scared, and I wanted his support. I hoped against hope that we were wrong, but we weren’t. Thankfully though, we had chosen the right dermatologist, and he started a course of treatment that got me back to a healthy state pretty fast. I now know the danger signs of skin cancer, and I am much more careful about all of them now. I am also on my friends and family members constantly, because I don’t want any of them to have to go through what I did.

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