Would You Consider Time to Volunteer in Nepal to Help Disadvantaged Communities?

I think everyone should do some work to help people in disadvantaged communities. I think of it this way. There are countries that have mandatory military service. The citizens get to serve their country in a way that bonds them to a national cause. If you think of global poverty, then everyone could rally around the cause if they had to do some volunteer service somewhere. It would get every one of us out of our ivory towers and into the real needs. My service was when I decided to volunteer in Nepal. It helped me develop a compassion for people that has carried over into my life here back home.

My family and I volunteer at home now. I have seen the need in Nepal first hand. I also see it here at home. If I had not went to volunteer in Nepal, I may be one of those people here who turns a blind eye to the poverty and need that is all around us every day. Is there a fix for all of the poor? Probably not. The poor will always be with us. Do we need to worry about fixing every bit of it all alone? No, we just need to do our own individual part. Every one of us can give something. Even a little time makes a difference.

I did nothing in Nepal that I considered to be a major effort. I did small things every day that I was there. The gratefulness showed me I was making a difference. Kids were still being born into poverty while I was there. Older people were still living in it when I left. However, I had a lot of great memories of making a difference in individual lives while I was there. I could not let that go when I came home, and I continue the work here with the disadvantaged in my own community.

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